Homemade Shot For Shot Evil Dead 2 Trailer!

I missed it when Evil Dead 2 was released in theaters back in 1987. To be honest the same was true of the 1981 original. Although when you get down to it…Evil Dead 2 is really more of a remake than a sequel.

I wouldn’t become captivated by Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, and Bruce Campbell’s ‘cabin in the woods’ horror series until it hit VHS. Evil Dead 2 was actually one of the first five videos I ever rented. So I actually saw the reboot/sequel before the original film.

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When I am in the mood for horror I generally put in that first movie. But you can’t deny the sheer grooviness and fun of Evil Dead 2 – not to mention the increased gore. Having said that I do believe that the second film is better made. Raimi’s incredible camera work is even more unrestrained in the second go around.

I also want to point out Campbell’s performance. His character of Ashley “Ash” J. Williams is still a bit of a coward, that much is quite evident throughout. Evil Dead 2 though is notable for being where we see the seeds of the swaggering buffoon – the only man who can put an end to the Deadites, being planted.

John Green

Now Cinefix has delivered a homemade Evil Dead 2 trailer.

I should add that it is shot for shot remake of the original trailer! How faithful is it? Why not watch it for yourself and learn the answer?


Now that you’ve been wowed by how well they did with the homemade trailer why not check out the side by side comparison?


I want to give a big old thanks to fellow Retroist writer, Daniel XIII, for the heads up on that sweet fanmade trailer!

The Amazing Spider-Man Teaser Trailer!

With the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con one day away from flooding the internet with the latest on movies, games, toys, and thankfully some comic book news, the fine folks over at Ain’t It Cool News have posted this teaser trailer for next year’s reboot of the 2002 Sam Raimi take on the classic Marvel Comic character.

Now to be fair the producers of the film are saying this is not actually a reboot, they are just going back to show us the adventures that Peter Parker had while in High-School. Though from this teaser it seems they are possibly going with the idea that the comic series did, that Peter’s parents were…Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and died during a mission.

Take notice that they are going with mechanical web-shooters in this movie, you can just make it out towards the end of the teaser.

Saturday Supercade: The Shadow By Michael Stribling

Thanks to Michael Stribling from over on deviantART for allowing me the pleasure of sharing his awesome piece of Shadow artwork. Make sure to follow the link to see more of Michael’s work, he has everything from the God Empeor of Dune to Khan Noonien Singh to the Red Ghost!

When Sam Raimi get time to work on his Shadow motion picture, I can only hope that he’ll use this wonderful piece of art as inspiration!