Green Lantern – The Ring Chose You Clip (Spoilers)

I’m something of a Green Lantern fan, as I type this I can look over to the top of my computer to see the Abin Sur figure looking back at me, his power ring beside him…because it’s too small to fit on my finger. So I’m quite excited about the upcoming DC Comics live action movie that will hit the big screen on June 17th, thanks to Ain’t It Cool News and Drew McWeeny over at HitFix for treating us film and comic fans with this clip featuring Temuera Morrison (Jango Fett) as Abin Sur and Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan.

WonderCon Green Lantern Footage (Spoilers)

A huge thank you to Serrr123 for uploading these scenes from the WonderCon Green Lantern panel. I was not impressed by what I had seen with the first trailer that Warner Bros. released, but I am quite happy with what I am seeing in this trailer/select scenes. The cosmic grandness that generally is involved with the DC Comics Green Lantern stories is in place with this footage, I look forward to seeing what Ryan Reynolds can do with his part as Hal Jordan. Mark Strong is looking pretty good as Sinestro, I certainly enjoyed his part in the Guy Ritchie helmed Sherlock Holmes, as Lord Blackwood.

A thanks as well to Ain’t It Cool News for this new Green Lantern poster that was revealed at the WonderCon as well.