Star Trek III Starship Combat Game

The FASA Star Trek Roleplaying game established some really cool Trek mythology that was basically destroyed by TNG. While I enjoyed TNG, I was one of the people annoyed since I had been reading and playing with the FASA games for a few years by that point.

You could find these ads in comics in the 1980s. I would try and get my fellow comic book readers interested in a little Trek RPG by pointing these out, but they would never bite. Lots of dice were rolled alone.

star trek III starship combat game

Retroist Dungeons & Dragons Podcast

Retroist Dungeons & Dragons Podcast

Welcome to the Retroist Dungeons & Dragons Podcast. I begin by talking about one of my earlier experiences with the game. The I talk about the creation of D&D. How it moved from supplement to game. How it grew HUGE and the various iterations over the years. I bring up the TV shows, movies, video games and so much more.

The episode contains a great audio treat that was put together by Retroist author, blogger and collector Greg (RetroArt). Greg tracked down the legendary dice wizard Lou Zocchi, who founded Gamescience, and got him to talk about how he feels about the Retroist Podcast.

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Marvel RPG Ad

I loved the collecting the Marvel RPG books, not because I enjoyed play the game. I always found it difficult to stay in character with heroes that have so much history. Plus it bothered me when the GM diverged from canon. What I liked about this books is how they broke down the character’s powers and rated their strengths and weaknesses. It made for great Sunday afternoon rainy day reading and daydreaming.

marvel rpg ad