Last Starfighter Sequel - Matt Allsop - Gary Whitta

Are We Getting A Last Starfighter Sequel?

Did you hear that incredibly high pitched noise earlier today? That was probably me as I read the news we might be getting a Last Starfighter sequel. The news came from Gary Whitta’s official Twitter feed on the 4th. I heard the news however thanks to Den of Geek! yesterday morning. In fact I was working at the arcade and literally ran down the row of arcade cabinets, that were popular when the original film was released, all but shouted out that a Last Starfighter sequel was in the works!
Last Starfighter Sequel - 1984 poster

However, there was some confusion for a bit after Whitta shared some beautiful artwork by Matt Allsopp. Was this upcoming film going to be a sequel or a reboot? Thanks to an interview with io9, we know it is actually both:
“…but right now we have a fully developed story that is a combination of reboot and sequel that we both think honors the legacy of the original film while passing the torch to a new generation.”

Last Starfighter Sequel - Matt Allsopp - Gary Whitta

All concept art courtesy of Gary Whitta.

Of course if you are a fan of the 1984 film, you owe it to yourself to hop on over and read that interview on io9. Gary Whitta is co-writing the script for the Last Starfighter sequel with Jonathan Betuel. If that name happened to ring a bell it’s probably because Jonathan so happens to have been the screenwriter for the 1984 movie. As well as penning the script and directing My Science Project, then acting as producer and writer for Freddy’s Nightmares!

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That isn’t to say that Gary Whitta isn’t a recognizable name however. To name a few projects the screenwriter and author has had a hand in, The Book of Eli, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and 4 episodes of Star Wars: Rebels.

Beyond these amazing pieces of art by Matt Allsopp, we literally have nothing else to go on. Besides that interview of course, which is reassuring to read. It most certainly sounds like Whitta is truly a fan of the original movie. While the possibility of seeing the Last Starfighter sequel is probably years away. This type of news definitely puts a spring in your step, right?

While we are waiting for a Last Starfighter sequel, why not listen to the original soundtrack?

Craig Safan’s score for the original film is easily in my top ten soundtracks of all time.

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Rogue One

Check Out The Rogue One…VHS Trailer?!

When Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hit theaters in December of 2016. It kind of became a big deal. Like over a billion dollars worth of a big deal in fact at the box office. Of course it was easy to see why, a likeable collection of rascals. As well as being an entertaining movie that helped to give a backstory to the events of 1977’s Star Wars.

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Now for myself I absolutely enjoyed this different, grittier look at the Star Wars universe. Having said that I would certainly not want every single new film in the franchise to echo this type of tale. I found Rogue One to be not only thrilling but a moving story of hope. I would point out that in addition to its message of hope it included the awesome new character that is Admiral Raddus. Of course as I have demonstrated in past posts – I am rather partial to the Mon Calamari.
Rogue One - Admiral Raddus

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Overall I felt that Rogue One managed to capture a little of the feel of the original Star Wars. That was helped and occasionally…hindered…by unexpected cameos. However with the film available right this minute on digital with DVD and Blu-Ray expected to hit shelves on April 4th. An enterprising artist, Damien Kazan, decided to put together a trailer.
Rogue One

A trailer I should add that looks like it was released in the early days of VHS trailers. If you have not seen the film for yourself yet, there are some things that might be considered SPOILERS!

I want to thank the one and only Daniel XIII, for the heads up on this fan trailer for Rogue One. After watching it I felt I needed to share it with you all – hopefully it will give your day a little boost.

How close was the Rogue One VHS trailer to the original Star Wars home trailer?

Thanks to Plains Video you can see for yourself. I can recall seeing a similar running announcement at a local video store of my youth!

Spaceship Earth

Witness The Firepower of Disney’s Spaceship Earth!

I believe that if you were to travel back in time to 1977. In an effort to interview the overjoyed and dazzled audiences that were leaving Star Wars. Then ask them to share what they felt was the most mind-blowing moment of the film. I am referring of course to moments that just made the audiences jaws drop.

In general I would be willing to wager that two moments from Star Wars would stand out. For the first time viewers I should add. The reveal of how large the Star Destroyer is as it chases down the Tantive IV.

Of course in the first film they went by Imperial Cruisers – it wasn’t until The Empire Strikes Back they earned the moniker of Star Destroyer. I would make the case that the second awe-inspiring moment was the introduction of the Death Star itself.

Having said all of that and coming from someone who saw it in 1977. There was very little in Star Wars that didn’t make me want to constantly live in that universe. As a matter of fact I still love all things Star Wars and look forward to Rogue One as well.

Apparently that is a sentiment shared by the folks at Walt Disney World. As they’ve transformed Epcot’s Spaceship Earth into…the Death Star!

An appropriate choice as the 18-story geodesic sphere naturally looks a little like that fearsome battle station. The design of course helped by the mind of Ray Bradbury, who also wrote the original storyline for the ride.

Spaceship Earth

Now witness the firepower of this fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL Spaceship Earth -ahem – battle station!

[Via] Disney Parks

A very big thanks to Andrew Liszewski of io9 for the heads up on this transformation. I would very much like to be in attendance at Walt Disney World to see this demonstration myself. At the very least I can take comfort that Rogue One is only a mere week away from released to theaters!