Batman: Arkham City Trailer Featuring the Penguin!

We get our first look at the Penguin and…a special guest star at the end of this newly released trailer for Batman: Arkham City. You of course also get to see Batman really going to town on some thugs, which always makes my Saturday a bit brighter. Considering how near perfect Rock Steady Studios did with Batman: Arkham Asylum I think it’s safe to state that October 18th cannot get here quick enough.

Thanks to NetwebPT and Gamespot for loading this up over on YouTube and to Kotaku for the artwork posted up top!

Batman: Arkham City Trailer

Keeping on with the Batman theme, considering he is one of my favorite comic book characters, I was very pleased with the Batman: Arkham Asylum game that debuted in 2009 from WB Games and Rocksteady Studios. This new trailer for its sequel, Arkham City, has me foaming at the mouth, chomping at the bit as it were to get a chance to play this title. October seems so far away! I’m sure that the world’s most respected Batmantologist, Chris Sims, might disagree with me but the use of “This Ain’t No Place For A Hero” by the Heavy, in my opinion really works for this trailer.

The part where he hurtles between the two building before using his batgrapple to snag a rooftop…it gives me goosebumps.