Food Fight - Christopher Tupa

Retro Arcade Art By CTupa: Food Fight (1983)

Friends, Christopher Tupa’s choice for this week’s Retro Arcade Art is an important one. At the very least because Food Fight happens to be an arcade title we are still seeking at Arkadia, for almost six years now. Food Fight is an 1983 game that I remember quite fondly from Showbiz Pizza as well!

I will grant you of course that might be the longest attract screen I have ever seen. Now it is probably a good bet that creator Jonathan Hurd was inspired by 1978’s Animal House. I have not found any actual record of that, mind you. However I fail to believe that the legendary scene from National Lampoon didn’t indeed have an influence.

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In Food Fight the Player takes on the role of Charley Chuck. A kid whose sole goal is to eat the rapidly melting ice cream at the left side of the screen. The problem is the pesky and angry Chefs who have decided to stop him. Chuck naturally has only one way to stop them – hurl any type of food he can get his hands on!

I have always assumed that Food Fight takes place in some fancy restaurant. Charley is sneaking into the kitchen which is why the Chefs are so upset. That however doesn’t explain the odd portals in the floor they emerge from.
Food Fight - Chefs

Charley Chuck can use any of the piles of peas, bananas, tomatoes, watermelons, and pie. The bad news is so can Oscar, Angelo, Jacques and Zorba. In addition they have a tendency to have very, very good aim.
Food Fight - Chef Aim

To say nothing of how fast the Chefs become in later stages. Now the good news is the same food your foes are throwing will take each other out if they make contact. The bad news is the open holes scattered across the level is another way to lose a life.
Food Fight - Holes Are Deadly

I realize of course at first glance, Food Fight might actually resemble 1982’s Robotron: 2084. But instead of two joysticks, one controlling movement and one acting as your throwing arm. Food Fight actually has one joystick and one throwing button. Which makes it a little more harder to control for my taste.
Food Fight - Arcade Cabinet

You know a little about Food Fight now, so why not watch the game in action?

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As always with CTupa’s Retro Arcade Art project, you can purchase the artwork featured in this post. The originals are ink and watercolor and are 5″x7″ on 8.5″x11″ size paper. You can hop on over to Christopher’s Official Site to contact him as well as check out more artwork from his project!

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Food Fight - Ice Cream cone

Inferno - Christopher Tupa

Retro Arcade Art By CTupa: Inferno (1984)

Friends, do you remember Inferno from back in 1984? Manufactured and distributed as well by the legendary Williams Electronics. This is another pick from Christopher Tupa for his Retro Arcade Art project that I have not had the pleasure of playing before. With Inferno you certainly have a mix of Wizard of Wor in addition to some Crystal Castles.

Furthermore the control scheme for Inferno has just a hint of Williams’ 1982 arcade hit Robotron 2084!
Inferno - Inferno arcade cabinet

I should add that most of us do not remember the game. That is of course because it was never widely distributed and it is also believed that only 6 arcade cabinets now exist. Although you can freely find it on MAME as well as the Internet Arcade Archive!

As for the gameplay, you are tasked with dispatching enemies found in the worlds of the Grand Lizard. These enemies which are small multi-colored and known as cyclops, can be shot with your laser.
Inferno - Cyclops

Doing so will destroy their bodies and leave their black souls behind. Which will then attempt to run into the open maw of the Grand Lizard at the top of the screen. You can make contact with the fleeing monsters and absorb their souls.
Inferno - Grand Lizard

Or instead attempt to follow them into the Grand Lizard’s waiting mouth to do battle in the Inferno Wave. Which is essentially a free for all with every bad guy aiming to take you down!
Inferno - Inferno Wave

In addition to the Cyclops you must also contend with the Tankov. A sentient tank threat that requires you to blow off its treads while positioned on a lower level of the maze. Then get on an equal level with the demonic tanks remains and shoot it again.

I’m not quite certain how to describe the character of the Nymph. Perhaps it best you just read the description from the game yourself?

Inferno is yet again another example of what made the Golden Age of Arcade games so great. The sometimes throw everything at the wall elements frequently worked in the games favor. Of course sometimes that didn’t work as well. But here we are 33 years later, enjoying CTupa’s artwork that was based on a game that never was widely released, right?

Now remember that with CTupa’s Retro Arcade Art project, you can purchase the artwork featured in this post. The originals are ink and watercolor and are 5″x7″ on 8.5″x11″ size paper. You can hop on over to Christopher’s official site to contact him as well as check out more artwork from his project!

Now that you know a little about Inferno, why not watch the game in action?

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Colorforms: “Video Rub n’ Play” Ad (1982)

A huge thanks to tOkKa over at the Retroist Image Pool for sharing this incredible ad for the Colorforms line of Run N’Play Transfers! tOkKa says that he used the Pac-Man transfers on his mother’s woodwork…and she wasn’t very happy about it. In tOkKa’s defense they do state you can “Rub ’em EVERYWHERE!”.

I know I at least had the Zaxxon and Robotron 2084 transfers back in my youth.

Saturday Supercade: Robotron 2084

I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that DeviantART artist Yelahttam is not only very talented but has great retro taste when it comes to his subject matter with this Robotron inspired piece of art. I’ve always wondered why the great Eugene Jarvis and Larry DeMarr never gave much back story on the hero of the game, I remember thinking he was an android or something, but perhaps the answer is the obvious one…we don’t need to know any more about him.