Colorforms: “Video Rub n’ Play” Ad (1982)

A huge thanks to tOkKa over at the Retroist Image Pool for sharing this incredible ad for the Colorforms line of Run N’Play Transfers! tOkKa says that he used the Pac-Man transfers on his mother’s woodwork…and she wasn’t very happy about it. In tOkKa’s defense they do state you can “Rub ’em EVERYWHERE!”.

I know I at least had the Zaxxon and Robotron 2084 transfers back in my youth.

Saturday Supercade: Robotron 2084

I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that DeviantART artist Yelahttam is not only very talented but has great retro taste when it comes to his subject matter with this Robotron inspired piece of art. I’ve always wondered why the great Eugene Jarvis and Larry DeMarr never gave much back story on the hero of the game, I remember thinking he was an android or something, but perhaps the answer is the obvious one…we don’t need to know any more about him.