The Pastel Robot

At first, this little guy confused me. Who paints a deadly robot pink, purple and blue and then attaches laser guns to his chest? But the more I thought about, the more I began to appreciate the genius of its design. Who wouldn’t trust this pile of parts painted in pleasing pastels? And just as he gains your trust, it’s lights out in laser city.

In other news, I guess I am now officially collecting toy robots.

Lego Robot that can solve a Rubik’s Cube


Three things I like, Robots, Rubik’s Cubes and Legos. So I was overjoyed when I saw this movie by modusbeke of his Rubik’s Cube solving Lego robot. According to modusbeke:

  • The robot is controlled by a PIC18 microcontroller
  • It’s not connected to the computer and there were no NXT pieces used, everything is controlled by one single microcontroller
  • It’s using an optimized ‘pogobat’ method, and finds the solution in 83 steps, averagely (max 124 steps)
  • Custom made color detector circuit, using fuzzy logic
  • 4 DC engines controlled with H-bridges and PWM signal
  • 97×67 pixel color graphic display

You have to see it to appreciate it.

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