Pioneers of Stop Motion Animation - Willis O'Brien

Pioneers Of Stop Motion Animation Is Amazing!

In my youth I had a vision of becoming a filmmaker. Not just your average Director however but one that focused on stop motion animation. This was because of a wonderful book from my Junior High School library that went into great detail on animation itself. Traditional cell, claymation, as well as the Pioneers of Stop Motion Animation. The major hurdle to this endeavor was the lack of getting my hands on a camera.

Although that would change when I made it to High School. However it is not as if I was able to produce animation worthy of those I admired. Of course I didn’t actually have a camcorder with which to attempt a short. My choice was an ancient camera that could be attached to an 100 lb VHS unit. I was forced to count to three seconds, since the VHS deck would roll back around two seconds after each “shot”. To add a little salve to my attempt, I will admit that at least I won an award for Gorp/Ed vs The Critters. I came in second place at the local public access awards show!

As a bonus you were able to see my Family moving about in the background while watching Dallas. As well as listening to the finest Commodore 64 music at the time, the second piece was from the game High Noon. Over the years I have managed to dabble in stop motion animation now and again, just as a hobby of course. Perhaps I will eventually piece them together for the internet to scoff and ridicule.

What no one in their right mind will scoff at though is Pioneers of Stop Motion Animation. Put together by Laird Jimenez for Birth.Movies.Death., it gives you a wonderful look at how the cinematic technique has progressed through the years. Ranging from the likes of J. Stuart Blackton’s The Haunted Hotel
Pioneers of Stop Motion Animation - J. Stuart Blackton

…Ladislas Starevich’s The Tale of the Fox and of course Willis O’Brien.
Pioneers of Stop Motion Animation - Ladislas Starevich

As well as his protege, the equally legendary Ray Harryhausen. The stop Motion animation maestro who brought us the likes of The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, Clash of the Titans, and The 7th Voyage of Sinbad to name a few!
Pioneers of Stop Motion Animation - Ray Harryhausen

Pioneers of Stop Motion Animation continues through artists like Art Clokey (Gumby), to Will Vinton and Phil Tippett’s work on Star Wars and Robocop!
Pioneers of Stop Motion Animation - Phil Tippett

Enjoy Pioneers of Stop Motion Animation and be sure to share your memories of the art form in the comments!

[Via] Birth.Movies.Death.

Be Street Retro Movies by Sosh

Be Street by Sosh

What happens when you mash together Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, Last Action Hero, The Warriors, Jumanji, Wayne’s World 2, Mars Attacks, Robocop and Gremlins 2? The answer can be seen above in the artwork for the Be Street Retro Movies tour by Sosh which is showcasing classic movies at theatres across France in October and November 2014. As well as the main poster, they also have some fantastic “Greetings from…” art for each of the films too…

Back to the Future
Gremlins 2

You can see more of the art at the Be Street website. You should also check out the posters for the 2013 tour here, which ran Ghostbusters 2, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, E.T. and The Goonies.

Oh, and if you like this sort of thing, you could follow my Movie Posters board over at Pinterest which has almost 4000 posters which you might enjoy!

Saturday Frights – R.O.T.O.R. (1988)


Hey creeps! Apparently all of The Retroist was infected by some sort of Robocop induced hysteria this week. After much investigation I apparently was wrong about the cause of the outbreak being linked to expired frozen yogurt ingested in front of a shrine dedicated to Peter Weller (there were toenail clippings and a Buckaroo Banzai comic involved), and instead it was the more mundane occurrence of revisiting a classic that is getting the remake “treatment” (which is hitting theaters whose clientele doesn’t include zombies, punks and the criminally insane). Oh, and that shrine? Let’s just say that The Projectionist chooses to spend his nights in a manner not fit for polite society.

So, far be it from me to keep the joys of Robocop from being passed on to you ghouls here at The Vault. What’s that? You think we are actually going to screen a stone cold classic like Robocop tonight! Hahaha…you fiends are adorable! But, our film does feature a robot that is also a cop…it also features the world’s buffest Rogue impersonator, robot lassoing, Beach Boys references…and Shoeboogie.

Sometimes I get MAD to the MAX when I can't recall where I've seen a similar images...

Sometimes I get MAD to the MAX when I can’t recall where I’ve seen a similar images…

So sit back, choke down a garbage can sized cup of soda and let 1988’s R.O.T.O.R. take you on a magical journey!

There’s 8 more parts that follow that video above…I wager you won’t be clicking those.

RoboCop – The Honest Trailer


One final RoboCop post from me (for now!) before The Retroist reverts to normal operation. In preparation for watching the RoboCop reboot, I watched the original a few nights ago. It remains a brilliant movie and I love every moment but there is plenty to lampoon about the film.

Like ED-209’s baby cry as the stairs beat him, or the excessive use of blood squibs, or the wonderful use of toxic waste.

But don’t take my word for it, the guys at Screen Junkies have put together this Honest Trailer that tells it like it is.