Retroist Famous Nintendo Missteps Podcast

Retroist Famous Nintendo Missteps Podcast

Welcome to the Retroist Famous Nintendo Missteps Podcast. On today’s show I start off by talking about my slow adoption of the NES, then I move onto the 3 most famous Nintendo missteps (R.O.B, The Power Glove and the Virtual Boy). I also do my very first and maybe last Top 5 List (I got new talent incoming). Even though these might have not been great pieces of tech or were marketed poorly, they are really interesting bit of gaming history, so I hope you enjoy hearing about them. After listening to this episode you will definitely need your own copy on of The Wizard from Amazon (at 7 bucks it is like they are virtually giving them away)..

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1986 Sears Catalog Complete NES Listing Fits on One Page


My recollection is that this was the first Christmas that the NES was widespread. I wanted one so badly when I saw it and like most dumb kids at that time, I was convinced that R.O.B was going to be my new awesome robo best friend. I never did get R.O.B, by the time I got an NES, it was 1987 and I had seen it fail at all of my friends’ homes.