The King Of Kong Vs. The King Of Keyboard Live!

A huge thanks to Hank Chien for the heads up on this World Record Attempt on Donkey Kong happening Live at the Richie Knucklez Arcade in Flemington, NJ right this second! Hank Chien, the arcade record holder, and Dean Saglio, the record holder for emulation play are fighting it out for a World Record Breaking Score!

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A big thanks to Justin.TV for the Live Feed!

70 Hour Q*Bert World Record Attempt Ends In Fatigue.

Sadly George Leutz’s second attempt to tackle the World Record Score for Q*Bert ended after a Herculean 54 hour marathon at Richie Knucklez in Flemington, NJ. His first attempt back in April met a disastrous end when a power cord was bumped on another arcade game which resulted in the Q*Bert machine that George was playing to reset.

This is no end for George’s attempt at that World Record mind you, he is going to try it again in July! That is the measure of a video game champion, friends!

Q*Bert World Record Attempt Sadly Derailed.

Thanks to Patrick Scott Patterson with the Examiner for the heads up on this rather sad news. George Leutz was 36 hours into the still standing 28 year-old record for Q*Bert when a machine was unplugged near his, which caused his machine to reset. George had already scored an impressive 16.8 million points and was just past the halfway mark of the 70 hours on one quarter record set by Canadian legend, Rob Gerhardt, back in 1983. The world record attempt was being held at the famed Richie Knucklez in NJ.

The Kong Off At Richie Knucklez Has Begun!

Right now as I type this, the Kong Off at Richie Knucklez in Flemington, New Jersey has officially begun! At what other time will these gaming greats be together again to compete in glorious Video Game combat on ten Donkey Kong machines?

1)Hank Chien
2)Steve Wiebe
3)Billy Mitchell
4)Mark Kiehl
5)Eric Howard
6)Dean Saglio
7)Ben Falls
8)Ross Benziger
9)Vincent Lemay
10)Dave McCrary
11)Kyle Goewert

A huge thanks to Richie Knucklez for this humorous photo posted on the Forums page, make sure to follow the link to not only read more interesting things about the Kong Off but visit the merchandise page while you are there. I’m going to have to get me one of those awesome T-shirts they are selling before the weekend is up! In the photo we have Hank Chien, Steve Sanders, Billy Mitchell, and Richie Knucklez flashing the horns. Look up in the upper right corner, over the Punch-Out machine, you can see a photo of the original Life magazine ‘greatest arcade game players’ photo shoot from back in 1982.

Thanks to Justin.TV for the live feed supplied below.
Watch live video from Richie Knucklez Arcade Games on

You can also follow a Live Text Feed over at Nintendo Life Retro!