Family Feud: Waltons Vs Dukes Of Hazzard!

Family Feud was a popular and almost religiously viewed television show at my Grandparent’s house. I am not sure what exactly they loved about the program. I suppose the genial nature of then host Richard Dawson could have been a factor. Perhaps the truth is they merely enjoyed the format of the show? Whatever the answer may be they were lifelong fans of the program.

However I can tell you that without fail. When Family Feud was over it was time for dinner. I could set my watch by it. My Grandparents were big enough fans of the program that we actually had a copy of the Milton Bradley home game!
Family Feud

While of course they were fans of many popular TV shows of the day. Like The Love Boat, CHiPs, Fantasy Island, and Happy Days to name but a few. None of these had the ability to keep my Grandparents riveted to the television set.

This is the reason I totally remember when The Dukes of Hazzard faced off against some of the cast of The Waltons. On the All-Star Family Feud 1979 special! It is in fact the second portion of the special – where the cast of The Ropers and Angie went head to head. I can recall these specials feeling like something very important. The excitement I felt was very similar to Battle of the Networks Stars!

So what about this Family Feud with The Waltons and The Dukes of Hazzard?

In this second segment of the All-Star special, which I should add was shown in the evening instead of the typical weekday airing. The Waltons were represented by Judy Norton-Taylor, Jon Walmsley, Mary McDonough, Kami Cotler, and Eric Scott.

The Dukes of Hazzard were represented by Tom Wopat, Catherine Bach, Sorrell Booke, Denver Pyle, and James Best. You might wonder why John Schneider wasn’t present – it’s been rumored he was sick at the time of taping. Each of the television shows played for a charity organization.

Which television family will come out on top? You can find out for yourself by watching the YouTube video below! However can’t we all say we are winners for being able to enjoy this broadcast?

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All-Star Family Feud

All-Star Family Feud on DVD

I was obsessed with “The Feud” as a kid and I plant myself on the couch whenever I can catch it in reruns on GSN. Sadly the timing of those showings are not always good for my schedule, so I decided to pick up a treat for myself with All-Star Family Feud on DVD. This compilation, while not of the highest quality visually, is extremely entertaining. It takes all the shows where they had the casts of other shows face off against one another and puts them into one highly watchable collection. Who will you see on All-Star Family Feud? In addition to host Richard Dawson, a star in his own right, you will see on this DVD:

List of all the episodes you will find on the All-Star Family Feud DVD

  • Petticoat Junction vs. Leave it to Beaver
  • Real People vs. WKRP in Cincinnati
  • Love Boat vs. WKRP in Cincinnati
  • Soap vs. Real People
  • Hollywood Walk of Fame Special, Part 1
  • Your Hit Parade vs. The Brady Bunch
  • Petticoat Junction vs. The Brady Bunch, Part 2
  • The Jeffersons vs. Dallas
  • The Jeffersons vs. Dukes of Hazzard
  • Dallas vs. It’s a Living
  • Eight is Enough vs. Soap
  • Richard’s Rosebuds vs. Debbie’s Dudes
  • Eight is Enough vs. General Hospital
  • Soap vs. All My Children
  • Dallas vs. One Day at a Time
  • Dallas vs. Eight Is Enough
  • Welcome Back Kotter vs. Barney Miller
  • Welcome Back Kotter vs. Soap
  • Barney Miller vs. Eight is Enough
  • Soap vs. Three’s Company, Part 2
  • Soap vs. Three’s Company, Part 1
  • Love Boat vs. Eight is Enough
  • Dukes of Hazzard vs. Angie
  • Dukes of Hazzard vs. the Waltons
  • The Ropers vs. Angie
  • Petticoat Junction vs. The Brady Bunch, Part 1
  • Adventure Heroines vs. Adventure Heroes, Part 2
  • Adventure Heroines vs. Adventure Heroes, Part 1
  • Richard’s Rosebuds vs. Phyllis’ Fighters
  • Wilt’s Wows vs. Debbie’s Dudes
  • Gilligan’s Island vs. Hawaiian Eye
  • Family vs. Welcome Back Kotter
  • Welcome Back Kotter vs. The Love Boat
  • Eight is Enough vs. Family
  • One Day at a Time vs. Benson
  • Heroes vs. Villains, Part 3
  • Heroes vs. Villains, Part 2
  • Heroes vs. Villains, Part 1
  • Family vs. Eight is Enough
  • Family vs. What’s Happening
  • Love Boat vs. Eight is Enough
  • Hollywood Walk of Fame Special, Part 2
  • Your Hit Parade vs. Leave it to Beaver

What a deal!

What a walk down memory lane! If your a fan of The Feud or just like classic TV, this is a must own disc and for under 10 bucks a great way to pass an evening or two (it is 720 minutes long). So pick up All Star Family Feud on DVD today.

Playboy’s Roller Disco & Pajama Party (1979)

This is the first segment of the 1979 ABC-TV primetime special, “Playboy’s Roller Disco & Pajama Party,” hosted by Richard Dawson. It has appearances by Hugh Hefner, James Caan, Chuck Mangione, Wayland Flowers and Madame, Robert Culp, and a bikini-clad Dorothy Stratten. The 1970s really were a very different time. The segment includes commercials for Contac, Mystique romance novels, Maybelline, Tostitos, and assorted ABC shows.