Retroist Presents: “Get Credit Worthy” Commercial (1990)

Wow…is it me or is that tow truck driver a bit too agitated for the situation? I have a feeling that this scenario ended with the tow truck driver walking calmly to his truck and grabbing a tire iron to finish the conversation. As I was watching this retro ad today I began to think this is possibly where Ted Levine’s character of Rusty Nail from Joyride came from…it might also be possible that I just have too much time on my hands.

Retroist Presents: Joe Dante’s E! Gremlins 2 Segment (1990)

Do you remember back in the early days of E! when they would do the Shameless Plug segment? An actor or director would be taped for five seconds, allowing them to express their desires to have you see their new film. In this segment Joe Dante implores everyone to go out and catch the sequel to his 1984 box office smash, Gremlins.

Hey, there’s a bonus appearance by Beau Bridges at the beginning of that clip as well!