Sperry Univac in Irvine, California (1982)

Today’s Photo of the Day was posted by Desert4wd (Doug) and shows the interior of Sperry Univac’s Irvine, CA facility.

According to Desert4wd, This is “Sperry Univac – Irvine, CA . (One of ten buildings) and I’m not sure of the correct description of it. In any case it housed programmers, off-line and (online, in house) systems. Cards, disks, tapes and reams of paper.”

A great piece of history. As a kid I dreamed of working in rooms like this.

Sperry Univac - 1982

Stuff Yer Face – The Marble Eating Clown Game

Stuff Yer Face was a two person tabletop game created in 1982 by Milton Bradley. The game consists of a blue circular playing field with two clown puppets. In the playing field are 25 marbles; ten yellow, ten green and five red. To win the game you must be the first clown to eat all ten of the marbles that match your clowns color. You eat them by using puppet arms to scoop them up and put them in your gaping clown maw. If you eat your opponents marbles they get credit for that. Once all your color marbles have been gobbled up, you have to go for the red marbles. The first clown to eat three of those wins the game. If at anytime before you finish eating your marbles, you eat a red marble, you lose.

Stuff Yer Face
[Game photo by B Young]

It is a frantic game. Much more frantic than say Hungry Hungry Hippos because it involves these difficult to use puppet hands that not only challenge you to lift up the marbles, but also require a certain amount of patience (that young people do not have) or you wind up lifting the entire game off the floor and spilling the marbles.

I remember commercials for this game, but was not able to find one online, so here is a video of two skilled adults playing the game.

Kid Relaxing with his VIC-20 in 1983 has all the Answers

I am not sure what the question was in 1983, but you can be sure of one thing, this kid has all the answers.

Feet up, datasette just withing reach with a pile of tapes. I am sure what we cannot see on the other side of him is a heaping bowl of chips, a cold drink and just out of frame behind him, his massage therapist arriving for his noon shoulder massage.

I am telling you…all the answers.

Me with a VIC-20

[via] Joakim Nordlander