Midway’s Space Zap Arcade Flyer (1980)

During the Retroist Arcade Meet Up last week, our very own Plcary asked the gurus of 1984 if they remembered an arcade game where you were positioned in the center of the screen and had to defeat wave after wave of enemies as they came rushing at you, not using a joystick but four directional buttons and a firing button. The gang at 1984 and myself were stumped on this one, but Plcary kept at it and found out the name of the arcade game and it is Midway’s Space Zap from back in 1980.

Sadly this is yet another arcade title that I didn’t have the opportunity to ever play in wilds of Showbiz Pizza or Games People Play in my Youth. Looking at the video below, it sure looks like I missed out on a good one.

A huge thanks as always to The Arcade Flyer Archive for the wonderful scanned Flyers above as well to We Love 80s 2 over on YouTube for uploading his video on YouTube. Of course another big thanks to Plcary for passing on the name of the game in the first place!

The Wendy’s and Burgertime Food Giveaway (1983)

While I was at the Retroist Meet Up at the 1984 Arcade I played a bit of BurgerTime…and I really started to get hungry…wish I would have known about this back in 1982!

From the excellent Geek Vintage site:
“In 1983, Mattel Electronics teamed up with Wendy’s for a Burger Time promotional giveaway. If you purchased a Mattel Burgertime handheld game or BurgerTime game cartridge for the Mattel Burgertime, Intellivision or Atari 2600 game systems, you could send in for a free $5 booklet of Wendy’s gift certificates.”

Retroist Meet Up At 1984

This last Wednesday marked the first Retroist Arcade Meet Up and it was held at the always awesome 1984 arcade in Springfield Missouri. I think you can see why I love this place so much by that photo above…they have a Recognizer from Tron straddling the doorway to their party room, that Recognizer by the way was used in the Springfield Christmas Parade last year.

Joining me at the meet up was frequent visitor to the site, Plcary, and I think it’s safe to say we had a complete blast playing the classic arcade titles offered at 1984. Sadly the Retroist himself could not make it this time but at the very least he was able to send his Avatar to us in his place.

By the way, it was a pleasant discovery after talking with Plcary for a bit to learn that he lives in the same neck of the woods as I do, just the next town over. Just goes to show you that it truly is a small world.

Of course the draw of 1984 is playing such classic titles as Moon Patrol, Q*Bert, Gauntlet, Frogger, Popeye and the many others they have in the arcade. However it’s nice to see the love of the 80’s from its music and movies used as decorations, like this original standee for The Clash of the Titans!

One of the first things that caught my eye besides that Recognizer was a pretty interesting sign over the Donkey Kong Junior cabinet. Now I think you will agree with me that is definitely an accomplishment, I only wish I could have been there at 1984 when it happened!

The staff at 1984 has always been gracious (Thanks again for letting Plcary and myself check out all of that cool stuff!) and it’s obvious they love what they are doing but I learned quite a bit last night, for example the Tron machine they have for play is actually one of the rare Tron competition machines that Disney was using to promote the film’s original release.

Included below is a small gallery of the event, I truly hope this will be but the first of many chances for us fans of the Retroist to get together and have fun swapping stories over dinner and friendly arcade competition. I want to thank the Retroist for letting us put this meet up together as well as to 1984 for letting us run around and take photos all over the place. A big salute to Plcary of course for making the journey to join me in a night of arcade fun and to all you fellow Retroist friends who were there in spirit.

First Game Is On Me at the 1984 Arcade

By the time this post hits I should be well on my way to the first Retroist Meet Up at 1984.

I’m not sure if we will be able to do a live feed of the Meet Up but at the very least I’ll make sure to take tons of photos for those that cannot attend this go around.

So if you are in the area of downtown Springfield Missouri, why not stop in, drop $5 at the door for admittance and have a very enjoyable day/night of playing classic arcade games? I’ll be the overweight guy with a big smile on his face wearing the Walt Disney Tron trading pin.

A big thanks to BoingBoing for that awesome photo of game tokens as well as to Gone Movie for the Doc’s DeLorean picture!