Retroist Game Room Challenge #4 Complete!

The fourth Game Room Challenge, Asteroids for the Atari 2600, has been finished and filed away. Join me in giving Retro Justin a huge round of applause for his score of 94,570 points! Retro Justin is a previous winner of a Challenge and as you can see from his score he knows his way around the Atari 2600 Game Grid.

A little bit later this evening I will announce the next Challenge to test your Video Warrior skills on!

Retroist Game Room Challenge Completed!

Friends, stick a fork in the first Game Room Challenge because it is done! Any competition when you have Missile Command as the game to earn the High-Score is sure to be frantic, and watching the videos of the gameplay it definitely was, but when you are lucky enough to have so many of the regular visitors of this very site competing it is a joy to behold.

Many video Warriors answered the call but only one nabbed the High-Score to claim the golden video crown for his own. That would be none other than Retro Justin! Join me in giving him the congratulations he so richly deserves!

But…it was a close contest to be truthful, very close. So I’ve decided to reward a second Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light prepaid card to…Vinvectrex! He was a mere 80 points behind Retro Justin’s awesome score!

Gentlemen, a very large congratulations to you both…please contact me through X-Box Live mail so that I might send you the code for your prepaid download! Retro Justin, there is a new task for you to decide as well, you get to choose what game from the Game Room we will announce next.