Raiders of the Lost Ark Video Game Ad

When Raiders came to the Atari 2600, I had a friend who got it on the day it came out and we all lived at his house for a week. It took me a little longer to get it and I would drool over ads like this in magazines in the meantime. This ad was uploaded by the wonderfully prolific Paxton Holly, who was nice enough to share it in the Retroist Image Pool.

I just love the little whipping Indys along the bottom of the ad.

Rod Serling and Robby the Robot Publicity Photo

I am really happy with the Retroist Image Pool, when I go there I am never sure what I will find. Today I found this wonderful photo of Rod Serling with Robby the Robot, that was uploaded by hastingsgraham. Robby looks appeared in an episode of The Twilight Zone in 1962 called “Uncle Simon”. It was for that episode that he was given a slightly more human looking face. Which is why he looks different.