Prior to our last family road trip, my Dad bought my son (age 9) a big box of comic books (over 100), ranging in dates from the mid 1980s all the way up to the early 2000s. It was a nice gesture, but my son never opened a single one, opting instead for games on his Nintendo DS and watching movies on our iPad. When we got home, my son said that I could have the comics. Win/win, I say.

I began flipping through the comic books last night, and right away this ad (from the May, 1985 issue of “Conqueror of the Barren Earth”) jumped out at me.


I guess after E.T. finally phoned home, this guy got the gig. His name was “FlibbleBrubiktechnicon,” which loosely translates to “royalty free.”

Fribgridgit – Another Blue Alien Reese’s Pieces Ad

I knew that I forgot something when I posted the Reese’s Pieces Blue Alien commercial. It was of course this classic print ad.


As you can see our blue friend did find out about Reese’s by word of mouth (I was right as always). So powerful is the reputations of these mighty pieces, that aliens are willing to trade their “cloud skates” to get them. Since a package of Reese’s cost 50 cents back in 1985, I would say the going price for a pair of used “cloud skates” is 4 dollars.

It’s Time for Reese’s Pieces to Revive the Alien Visitor Ad Campaign


They made a mint off E.T. the Extraterrestrial, but Reese’s Pieces did not sit on their alien-loving laurels. Instead they stepped it up a notch and tried to keep the alien love fest going. This blue alien in this commercial isn’t exactly as realistic as E.T., but he sure packs a comic wallop.

I think it’s time for Reese’s Pieces to dust off the alien chestnut and start a new ad campaign. This time I would like to see them pull in other famous aliens. Maybe a Wookie, ALF or Meathead the Alien from Meatballs II could show up at a doorstep looking for Reese’s Pieces. After all word of mouth in this big galaxy must take a couple of years. Now would be about the right time for them to show up.