Use the Play-Doh Fun Factory to Make Pixel Cookies


SeattleJonman give a step by step photo walk through of his amazing recipe for pixel cookies. All you need is a play-doh fun factory, some dough and an oven to makes cool retro-arcade cookie classics. I am not sure I have the talent for this but I might crack open the fun factory this weekend, give it a good cleaning and see what sort of arcade classics I can whip up.

Pixel Cookies via Flickr

Ten Second Peep Smores

Today we advance the cause of the culinary arts by taking Smores to the next level. Thats right. You guessed it. Marshmallow Peeps Smores! Here’s how to do it in 3 simple steps!

Step 1: Take one Peep and place him on a graham cracker and two squares of Hershey’s chocolate.


Step 2: Take this happy little fella and put him in the microwave for 10 seconds.


Step 3: Take another graham cracker and apply to top. Smoosh.


Thats it. Easy and delicious! Picture smores with mucho extra sugar and you get the idea. This is going to be a regular Easter tradition here at The Retroist. Hooray for Peeps!