Remote Controlled Pac-Man and Red Ghost

If you’re starting to put your Christmas wish list together, these remote-controlled Pac-Man and Red Ghost racers would be a fine thing to add to your list!

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Each racer plays the theme from the arcade version of Pac-Man while driving. (According to reviews, the sound can also be turned off if this becomes annoying.) Although the two-pack of racers originally retailed for $60, Amazon has the two-pack right now for $45, and as you can see below, I recently spotted the individually packaged racers for $25 each at Fry’s Electronics.

Remco Fat Wheels

A friend of mine was really into remote control cars. He would get them and would let us watch him play with them. Never allowing us the honor of using them. He loved his Remco Fat Wheels and we would them take down the block and set up obstacle courses for him to steer it through on a vacant lot. On one particular occasion it lost traction while going along what we called the “hillside course” and tumbled and fell into a storm drain runoff pond that was below the hill. Those tires might have been inflated, but not enough to keep it from sinking to the bottom. To my friends credit, he did not hesitate, but instead jumped right into rescue his beloved Fat Wheels. Sadly, it never ran again. (Not that we ever got to play with it :P)

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