Win “You Got the Right One Baby, Uh-Huh!” Pepsi T-Shirts!

Pepsi fever is running wild here on The Retroist and to celebrate we will be giving away 8 t-shirts featuring the classic “Uh-Huh” campaign that starred Ray Charles. You don’t remember this classic 90s ad? They were launched in the early 1990’s and ran for 3 years for a total of 11 commercials. To many of us who lived through Pepsi renaissance of the 1980s, they were just another feather in Pepsi cap of impressive commercial campaigns (even if it was the 1990s). If you were not lucky enough to see these ads the first time, here is a refresher..

Great stuff right? It had America singing “Uh-huh!” and it is poised for a comeback as “You Got the Right One Baby, Uh-Huh!” merchandise hits the Official Pepsi Shop as well as traditional offline retailers like Urban Outfitters and Kitson.

uh-huh shirts

You can stop by any of these places and pick your shirts (and you should), but you can also win a T-shirt of your very own from the Retroist. Which one you ask? The very best of them all of course, this one…

How many people will win?
Eight people in total. I have 4 men’s shirts and 4 women’s shirts available. Which leads me to the …

How to win.
It is easy. You just need to contact me with the following information.

  • NAME

Now the how to contact part
You can email me at, you can comment below, you can DM me on Twitter, send me a message on Facebook or you can do all 4. The good news, especially for you eager gamer types, is that each way of contacting me will count as an entry, so you can have 4 entries in total (you can only win one shirt though). So get clicking folks and I cannot wait to get these shirts in the mail and out to you ASAP.

Play me out Ray…

It’s the “California Raisins”!

California Raisins - NES

Claymation awesomeness – thy name is California Raisins. Give it up for the world’s most famous dried grapes, the California Raisins. Those clever Californians are always figuring out ways to sell their produce. It makes me think – I should be saving these Happy Cows commercials to post on the site in 10 years. I have posted about the Raisins before, but somehow forgot to include this gem from 1989. Ray Charles wails and the Raisins are fairly decent accompaniment.