The Mills Brothers “Lazy River” Theatrical Short (1944)

I’ve made a mention before that the road that eventually led me to the Retroist was done mostly by my Grandmother when I was an infant and young boy. Laying down for a nap meant being serenaded by the likes of the Mills Brothers or perhaps Louis Armstrong or the Rat Pack. While this made High-School interesting in terms of my musical tastes I am very grateful for being introduced to the Mills Brothers at such an early age.

Here is the theatrical short from Official Films, ‘Lazy River’, one of my favorite songs of the group started performing back in 1944!

[Via] Nipsipone’s YouTube Channel

The Rat Pack Stars in Metal Men?

Re-uniting most of the cast of “Ocean’s 11”, “The Metal Men” is one of the most beloved, if not innocent and campy, sci-fi films of all time. Not only were the special effects groundbreaking at the time, but the performances that drove the characters were distinct and memorable. Though he wasn’t advertised on any of the film’s posters, Boris Karloff’s depiction of Doc Magnus was by turns hunting and heroic and one of the standouts of the film. In the years since its initial release “The Metal Men” has become a classic “Midnite Movie”. Devotees of the film’s camp quality recite lines from the dialog, sometimes dressed as their favorite Metal Man.