Literal Video: The Rainbow Connection

A couple of years ago, “Literal Music Videos” sprang up all over YouTube. Literal Music Videos are music videos where someone has overdubbed the vocals to describe, quite literally, what is happening on screen. The one that started the craze was this literal version of Aha’s Take on Me:

By searching YouTube for the words “literal video” you can find some really great ones (and a few not so great ones as well). After watching several of the great ones last year, I got inspired and decided to create my own — and, what more fitting weekend (Jim Henson’s birthday) than to share it here on the Retroist!

To make your own literal video you’ll need a few things: a video, a karaoke version of the audio (one that doesn’t contain vocals), a microphone, some imagination, and a sense of humor!

Unfortunately, Sony and several other large music conglomerates are missing the last part, and occasionally file claims with YouTube to have them removed. Don’t worry though, they pop back up soon enough. I’ve never received a takedown notice for mine. Secretly, I hope it’s because someone who works for one of Henson’s companies secretly approves of my video.

So anyway, without further adieu, here’s the literal music video I created. I hope you all enjoy it. RIP, Jim.

Kermit Sings “The Rainbow Connection” Alone and With Debbie Harry


Long day and I needed a pick me up to get me ready for some E.T. action this weekend. Surfed the web with little success and then I got to the green. Nothing does the trick like the earnest singing voice of Kermit the Frog. I really enjoy the movie version, but the Debbie Harry version from “The Muppet Show” is pretty awesome as well: