Bearcat Radio Scanner

I’ve had a fascination with radio scanners for many years. (In fact I dedicated an entire episode of You Don’t Know Flack to them a few months ago.) I have a couple of handheld models but have always wanted a desktop model that I could just turn on and scan through random radio signals.

I found this one sitting in a thrift store for a couple of bucks. I plugged it into a wall outlet and static came out of the speaker. Assuming it worked, I brought it home. Unfortunately, a friend of mine who knows much more about these old scanners than I do informed me that this particular radio scanner (a) requires crystals to pick up specific frequencies, and (b) was missing all the crystals. I’m a fan of vintage electronics, but sometimes the newer ones are much easier to get up and running.

This one will probably end up sitting on my shelf until I get around to re-donating it or finding a new home. I sure do like the look of it though.

Ian Fleming and Raymond Chandler have a Discussion on the BBC

On the 10th of July 1958, the titans of two genres – detective and spy fiction, sat down together and had a nearly 25 minute discussion on the BBC. In this very noteworthy radio appearance…

Fleming and Chandler talk about protagonists James Bond and Philip Marlowe in this conversation between two masters of their genre. They discuss heroes and villains, the relationship between author and character and the differences between the English and American thriller. Fleming contrasts the domestic ‘tea and muffins’ school of detective story with the American private eye tradition and Chandler guides Fleming through the modus operandi of a mafia hit while marvelling at the speed with which his fellow author turns out the latest Bond adventure.

Be careful about hanging out in the BBC Archive thought, once you start clicking and listening, you can lose hours of your life to all of the magic audio you will find.

Ian Fleming and Raymond Chandler – A masterclass for thriller writers [@] BBC

Sony’s XDR-S16DBP Retro Style Radio

Who wouldn’t love the clean retro styling of Sony’s XDR-S16DBP Retro Style Radio? Its almost pretty enough to make you want to listen to radio again (if you could find any decent programming). Sadly this radio is only planned for Europe at this point. I am not sure how well it would do if it was sold here in the US, but if I wandered past it on the store shelf, I would be sorely tempted.

sony XDR-S16DBP DAB radio

[via] technabob