classic game quilted pillow

Will Quilt For Games – Geeky Retro Video Game Pillows

Quilting, with its assembling blocks, seems to have a natural relationship with pixelated images. So what would be more perfect then to marry together two pixel loving art forms — quilting and video games? That’s exactly what raindrops23 is doing with the Etsy story, Will Quilt For Games – Geeky Retro Video Game Pillows. Filled with pillow covers of many of you favorite 8-bit friends, it is a veritable one-stop shop for 8-bit quilted goodness.

Now who wouldn’t want a Legend of Zelda pillow? Think of all the sweet gaming dreams you would have laying your head on this baby?
classic game quilted pillow

NES Themed Quilts from punzie’s Geeky Sewing Extravaganza

luigi quilt

punzie is a sewing genius, sitting in some geeky tower on the edge of video game land, she sews quilts with decidedly geek themes. In punzie’s own words:

Some princesses spend their time in deep slumber, or spinning straw into gold. I pass my time away in my tower room by sewing. And you can benefit from it! Most of my work is custom orders, so if there’s something you’d like me to make for you, please ask!

As you can see from the Luigi quilt, the work is very 8-bit looking and each one is almost guaranteed to turn your child into a video game genius. So order yours today.

NES Themed Quilts [@] punzie’s Geeky Sewing Extravaganza