Saturday Frights: The Stone Tape (1972)

Welcome back, dear Viewers! For this week’s dose of chilling entertainment I have been fortunate enough to secure for you a print from the 1972 BBC presentation of The Stone Tape.

Written by Niel Kneal, the same man who brought fans the exceptional Professor Bernard Quatermass in 1953, this television theater production has many of the same hallmarks as the Quatermass series. In regards to the successful mixing of both the science fiction genre and horror. The story concerns a band of mostly well meaning scientists as they are setting up shop in their new research building, which just so happens to be a Victorian mansion with a dark history…naturally.

The Stone Tape 1

So douse those lights and gather your loved ones near as we investigate the secrets of The Stone Tape.

([Via] Mr. Crispian -Vic)