A Sight for Sore Eyes… Welcome to Quantum Link

In my evenings I have been working at getting my Commodore Computers in working order. My 128 has been temperamental and that L key is hanging on by a thread, but this afternoon I fired it up again for the first time and put in a disc to see if it works. Right off the bat…Welcome to Q-Link right back on my desk yet again. Just like old times. Next up…Defender of the Crown!

quantum link

quantum link

Quantum Link for the Commodore 64


Before AOL started clogging the landfills with millions of online hours they were known as Quantum Computer Services. For many people who had a Commodore 64 they were the first point of contact for the larger computing world. Q-Link’s BBS system taught me about how to use emoticons, slay trolls and most importantly…how to love. OK, not how to love, but certainly a whole lot about Monty Python.

I was digging through a box of old c64 games the other day when I came across this book of access numbers and “How to get Connected”. This handsome paper booklet sure beats the heck out of those AOL coasters. I scanned the “Getting Started” section along with the access numbers for the land of my birth, New Jersey. I hope this brings back good memories in fellow former Q-linkers.