Quantum Leap to the Future!

This is probably the best Quantum Leap / Back to the Future mashup you’ll ever see.

Unless you’re from the future, and someone actually went ahead and crossed the two for real, in which case, why are you here in 2015 reading this post about a QL/BTTF mashup which claims to be the best ever when clearly you could be doing something more important? Time-travellers eh, what jokers!

Quantum Leap – Novels based on the Smash Hit TV series!

Quantum Leap Novels

I originally started writing this post about a series of three episodes of Quantum Leap, collectively called “The Evil Leaper Trilogy”. Like the various mirror and parallel universe stories that exist within science fiction, the Evil Leaper crew were opposites to Sam, Al and company, flitting around time putting wrong what was once right.

In researching that post I stumbled upon a novel called “Knight of the Morningstar” by Melanie Rawn. A novel that continues the story of the Evil Leapers and this got me thinking – maybe there are more novels based on the series too?

A quick search later and YES, yes there were a lot of novels written about one of my favourite fictional universes.

Quantum Leap Novels

Quantum Leap Novels

With titles such as ‘Loch-Ness Leap’ and ‘Angels Unaware’, I’m now on the hunt for copies of these for myself. It’s the ‘Morningstar’ novel that I most want though. The authors’ website still has this description :-

When the blue light fades after his latest Leap, Dr. Sam Beckett finds himself wielding a sword– and facing a man in full armor! No, Sam hasn’t leaped into the court of King Arthur. He’s just jousting his way through a medieval recreation group, battling for the hand of a fair lady. But sword-fighting isn’t the only challenge Sam faces. A sinister new player has entered the game. Someone who threatens not only the Project, but Sam’s life as well…

Another Leaper.