Quisp VS Quangaroos Commercial (1976)

In 1976 after having already defeated Quake cereal four years earlier resulting in having the “rival” cereal yanked from store shelves by fan vote and it’s mascot demoted to sidekick status for another cereal…Quisp the Alien decided to set his sights on Simon, the mascot for the orange-flavored cereal Quangaroos!

[Via] Mr. Breakfast.Com

The cartoon ads for these fan vote confrontations were handled by the legendary Jay Ward Studios, famous for the Rocky and Bullwinkle television series, and the commercials are certainly filled with the same type of brilliant humor.

So which Cereal won? Watch and find out!

[Via] Pretzel 78’s YouTube Channel

Team Fortress 2 – Meet The Medic

I’ve stated before that my second favorite class to play in the awesome Team Fortress 2 game by Valve is our very own Claymation Werewolf…um, I mean the Medic. Watch the video, you can see how I sometimes get confused.

The original Team Fortress was created in 1996 by John Cook, Robin Walker, and Ian Caughley, it was a mod of the popular Quake software from id. In 1999 the development team was hired by Valve to port the game to their Half-Life engine and called Team Fortress Classic. It only took them 8 more years before they were ready to unleash Team Fortress 2 on the world!

By the way…Team Fortress 2 if you didn’t get a chance to watch the video is now free to play. Forever. So be sure to jump over to the Official Site so you can download it and join in on the fantastic mayhem!