The Miracle of Genuine Pyrex Collections

I love looking at collections of toys, TV, video game and movie memorabilia, but I also have a soft spot for the colorful cookware made by Pyrex. Not only is it wonderful to look at, but it is also useful. Which is why whenever I get the opportunity to pick up some for my kitchen at a reasonable price, I do. A great thing about this type of collecting, especially for new collectors or people who are not hardcore chefs is that you might already have the appropriate space for showcasing your collection still available, you kitchen cupboards (although some of us may have already filled them with action figures). Now my collection is small, but the web is filled with people who are living with large collections of this miracle of the modern age. Here are a few of my favorite online collections.

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[via] Julie Le Venhagen!

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An Impressive Collection of Pyrex

The Retroist Image Pool has exposed me to lots of new retro stuff. Most recently I was happy to spot the Pyrex collection of Julie Le Venhagen posted there. I am so used to seeing photos of classic video game collections posted that it is really nice to see someone take the same geeky care to post another type of collection. And what a wonderful layout, those shelves stacked from top to bottom with colorful Pyrex bowls, framing this amazing retro kitchen. It looks like the perfect place to wheel in a television and eat Mom’s meatloaf while yucking it up to I Love Lucy.

Enjoy the photo and of course make sure you appreciate the Miracle of Genuine Pyrex…