Mysterious email warns of an Attack of the Pumpkin People?

This pic of a women with her pumpkin doppelganger was emailed to me last night. It was sent from an anonymous email address, so I am not sure if this is supposed to be a warning to me about some pending pumpkin people invasion or just be a nice pic to share on Halloween. Either way its an awesome photo and would probably make a great e-card with the right font treatment. Just to play it safe though. I would stay away from all but the most sincere pumpkin patches this week.

Here is a simple e-card

Bizarre Vintage Halloween Postcard

Okay, folks, this is a weird one.

It appears to me that a black cat was baked into a spice cake — with really hard and thick icing that breaks off like shattered glass — and then the pumpkin-bodied, corn-limbed guys with red pepper hats went to have a slice and got the shock of their lives when the cat burst forth from the seasonal confection.

Were the pumpkin-bodied, corn-limbed, red-pepper-hat-wearin’ guys actually the ones that baked the cat into the dessert in the first place? Did they hope that an entombed cat would add extra zest to their spicy treat? And what the heck is that mysterious glowing phallic symbol in the background? Or is that the Washington Monument?

I’m open to all interpretations.

Vintage Halloween Postcard