Do you remember “My Name Is Norman Bates” by Landscape?


The UK band Landscape started in the 70’s with pop, punk, jazz influencing their classically played instruments before finding electronica, synths, and digitally created sounds.

This the 1981 song ‘My Name Is Norman Bates’ and if you have a spare 5 mins there are a lot worse ways to be spending them. This song is from the album: From the Tea-Rooms of Mars to the Hell Holes of Uranus

The Psycho Legacy on DVD

psycho legacy

Every year for Halloween, I watch Psycho. This timeless tale is the perfect Hitchcock film to watch as the most spooky of holidays approaches and I had planned to, until I spotted The Psycho Legacy at Shout Factory! and knew I must watch it to set the proper spooky tone for Halloween. I am glad I did. This is a must have for Psycho fans who want to know more about Psycho and its often overlooked sequels. In this 2 DVD set you get (in addition to a very well put together documentary on Psycho) over 3 hours of bonus features including:

* Extended and deleted scenes
* A rare full panel discussion with Psycho Star Anthony Perking
* The Psycho Reunion Panel
* A tour of the Bates Motel
* Revisiting Psycho II
* The Shooting of Psycho II
* A Psycho Memorabilia overview
* Psycho on the web
* Serial Killer Inspired Art
..and a bunch more

It is an exhausting amount of material and I daresay, more then I bargained for when I started watching this. I really just wanted to learn a bit more about one of my favorite Horror films. What I got was a newfound appreciation of the movies that followed, the star of the film and the people who have dedicated massive amounts of their time to documenting and expanding the Psycho-verse.

Pick up The Psycho Legacy on DVD at Amazon or at Shout Factory!