Atari 2600 CX-2000 Prototype Console for $50,000?

A very ambitious owner is selling a relatively rare piece of Atari history, an Atari 2000 prototype. The Atari 2000 was basically an Atari 2600 with the joysticks built into the game. It was meant to appeal to younger gamers and would have had a lower price point. According to reports, the system was not very sturdy and the design of the system meant if a joystick broke, the whole system could be out of service. Atari wisely went in another direction, but a few prototypes survived. Sure it is rare, but is it $50,000 rare? I am not so sure, but I wish the seller luck.

atari 2000 prototype

Atari 2600 CX-2000 “Val” Prototype Console [@] eBay