Diving Tony the Tiger

As regular readers know, I think Kellogg’s Starbots are the greatest cereal premium ever. A close second, though, is the Tony the Diving Tiger premium.


I got this sometime in the early 80s (pre-Starbots) and thoroughly enjoy it. You drop Tony in a 2-liter bottle of water, and when you squeeze the sides, he dives. Granted, the 2-liter bottle is not the nicest venue for Tony, as it has an unsightly cap at the top and all sorts of unsightliness at the bottom, but watching Tony go up and down in the water is tons of fun. I recently scored one off Ebay and recorded a short video on it. Not only did I love making Tony dive once again, but so did my daughter (though she calls him Daniel the Diving Tiger).


Toucan Sam says, “Don’t be a Litterbird”

In the 1970s ecology was all the rage and almost every spokes-creature, monarch and clown was trying to pass the message along. I was never a Litterbird of course, but I do remember seeing people toss huge wads of trash out the windows of moving cars. So much freedom in those days you could almost choke on it.


[via] Flickr (the wonderful Waffle Whiffer)

C-3PO’s Cereal Box Masks

As a kid I was a very big fan of C-3PO’s cereal. I gobbled up the stuff during its way too short run and I collected each mask and carefully cut each one out. I then proceeded to wreck them by wearing them around the house for days on end. I might not own the masks anymore, but I can remember the magic of these Star Wars Collectibles, thanks to some wonderful uploads by the prolific Jason Liebig. He has posted not one or two, but four of the six collectible masks on his Flickr page. If you go to the largest file size, you can even print them, cut them out and eat your favorite non-droid theme cereal as your favorite Star Wars character.





frankenberry ring

Frankenberry Ring

We ate a lot of Monster Cereals in my house when I was growing up and I could have sworn we had this Frankenberry ring floating around until well into the 1990s. My eldest sister was the big Frankenberry fan (Boo was my buddy), so I wonder if she still has it tucked away somewhere? If not, I think she should check out his one, which looks to be in much better condition then the one I remember, over at Hake’s.

frankenberry ring