french planet of the apes poster

Large French Planet of the Apes Poster

The original novel Planet of the Apes was written in French, so while the film might have been an American product, I do not think it would be a reach to have this amazing movie poster in French. Not only is the Jean Mascii designed graphic crisp and eye catching, but the thing is a whopping 47×63.

french planet of the apes poster

According to Hakes:
47×63” “Grande” French poster for the French release of the 1968 20th Century Fox sci-fi film classic. Poster features amazingly detailed art image by French artist Jean Mascii depicting star Charlton Heston at front on leash being manhandled by 2 gorilla soldier/guards. Bkg. scenes show Heston running with gun as apes scramble about. Surreal ape village architecture and planet is seen in bkg. Poster has been folded as issued and has lt. margin wear with some creasing. A few .25” tears at fold crease intersections. Poster remains extremely bright and bold, its graphics far outweighing that of any American released poster. If framed, poster would display Exc.

80s Movie Poster Heroes and their Ladies

Vision Quest was one of the movies I missed in the 80s. I finally got around to watching it tonight. I liked it, and there is lots I could say about it: Matthew Modine, Daphne Zuninga, the old man from Home Alone, the 80s sound track (Berlin, John Waite, REO Speedwagon, Journey), the actual appearance of Madonna, the meandering way movies of that time had. But what I really left the movie with is a greater appreciation of the poster.
I had seen the poster before and liked it. I don’t know why it never led me to the movie, but I still liked it. On the surface, there’s not much to like. It’s just a guy and a girl. But below that, it expresses one of the most important ideas of an 80s film: the proximity of the hero to the heroine. Look at how Modine is embracing Fiorentino: its not only intimate and slightly sexual but also tender. She is affirming him and he is protecting her.

You see similar hero-heroine poses in several other movie posters.




(Okay, maybe this one shouldn’t count.)

It was an idea communicated in pictures, not words or actions. But it was one I clearly received, and one that I still love today.

Vote Frankenstein

Vote Frankenstein for President

With the election looming large, their is only one candidate who has the stuff to run this country, Frankenstein. Since his rousing “Fire Bad” speech he made in New Hampshire I have been a Frank supporter. So when you go into that poll booth make sure you choose the candidate who want to put out the fires of discontent and electrify the electorate. Vote Frankenstein for President.