Bomb Pops on Target Doors

When I took my daughter to Target last night, I had no idea that we would be walking through a giant Bomb Pop!

Rarely do advertisements or store signs have any affect on my shopping habits, but I’ll admit — after walking in between these two giant Popsicles I had Bomb Pops on the mind, and I did leave the store with a box in hand.

Kids have been enjoying Bomb Pops every summer since 1955, when they were invented. I was going to take a picture of my daughter eating hers, but it was gone so quickly that by the time I found my camera, it was gone! I tried searching Google for a picture of a kid eating a Bomb Pop, but I found this picture on Afomo’s Blog instead and it was so sad that wanted to share it.

A melted Bomb Pop is a sad Bomb Pop.