Did You Call The Atari 900 Phone Number?

I will be upfront and honest as always. I have neither any recollection of an Atari 900 phone number. Moreover I’ve not seen this 1984 television commercial featuring that number until just a few minutes ago. As a matter of fact I would be willing to wager this ad ran on MTV back in the day. A channel that wasn’t carried in my neck of the woods until a bit later.

Retro Commercials Forever

I must admit a bit of confusion however. So was the gaming fan at home supposed to call the Atari 900 phone number and buy one of the games? If this commercial truly was aired in 1984 – that would be after the gaming crash. I vaguely remember picking up Atari 2600 carts at my local Kay-Bee toy store for a song at that time.
Atari 900 Phone Number

Or was the whole purpose in fact to purchase one of the MTV jackets? Furthermore was the likes of Pole Position, Moon Patrol, Dig-Dug, Mario Bros., and Joust the mystery bonus?

Looking online hasn’t brought me any answers to these questions. That of course doesn’t detract from the awesomeness of that TV ad. That MTV jacket looks pretty neat but without a doubt it cannot beat the majesty of the Atari jacket. Granted that is of course only my personal opinion on the matter. On the other hand I did in fact own one of these beautiful Atari jackets back in the day.

All right. Forget about that Atari 900 phone number. Join me as we keep looking at the Atari jacket!


Happy Atari Day! Enjoy MTV’s Exclusive Pole Position TV Commercial!

It’s the 26th of the month so you know what that means…it’s Atari Day! So what better way to celebrate all things Atari than taking just a moment to watch this INSANE MTV commercial for the home port of Pole Position.

Pole Position B

Now the Retroist has shared a version of this ad before but I don’t recall seeing one this long…and brutal. So while you are out and about today make sure not to anger the Deity of Pole Position because it doesn’t look like there is a safe way out of that universe.

Pole Position C

[Via] Dig That Box RETRO

Image courtesy of Atari I/O's Facebook page.

Image courtesy of Atari I/O’s Facebook page.

To learn even more about the fun of Atari Day be sure to hop on over and check out fellow Retroist writer Atari I/O’s site by following the link here!

Pole Position – Anti-Yuppie Commercial

I am not sure if this is a video game commercial for Atari’s release of Pole Position or a statement against Yuppie culture in the 1980s. My whole time in the 1980s, I never met a person that came even close to what people caricatured as Yuppies. So I always assumed they came from exotic place, like California. Whatever the message of this ad, it is a great piece. I love when that hand comes down and picks up the car.


Retroist Pole Position Podcast

Retroist Pole Position Podcast

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