The Transistor Radio and Polaroid Film … Perfect Together

I love it when two totally unassociated retro icons come together! I am talking about transistor radios and Polaroid film………..

Not only do two worlds collide like chocolate and peanut butter in this cool unit; there is a twist……………………..

Yes, this radio is powered by the leftover battery juice from your empty Polaroid film cartridge. As a kid, I loved to take the empty film cartridge, put it back in the camera and run around pretending to take pictures of sisters in bathrooms and dads sneaking a smoke. Unfortunately I was fresh out of spent Polaroid film when I got this so I had to tape some wires onto the contact of the dead battery / cart that was in it to test it. It worked fine, but alas did not seem to tune in any Abba or Captain and Tennille. Thanks for looking and, yes, I will be getting a new camera. Sorry.