The Spaceport Playset that every kid would want


A good friend recently sent me a link to the Rebel Scum Forum that completely blew my mind. Forum member Empire decided to make his two young boys a “ginormous city sized spaceport” that would last through the many play sessions expected of it.

I think it is fair to say he accomplished his goal! 6 feet long, 3 feet wide and 5 feet tall, this is one beast of a playset and as you can see from the images, the devil really is in the detail.


Whilst Star Wars is the main theme here, there are plenty of other sci-fi brands for you to spot. The spaceport even has named areas like the Rot-Gut Station, Mel’s Diner and the Blue Waffle Bar! You have to have a read of the forum post to get every detail – keep an eye out for my favourite part, the toy shop, complete with Rambo poster on the counter. There are so many small details here I could write for a week and still not spot everything!


The very talented creator of this special playset has two very lucky children. If he wants a 3rd, I’d be happy to fill the role.

Empire Strikes Back Model/Playset

I had almost thought I had imagined this toy until I saw this ad in an 1982 issue of The Amazing Spider-Man. It is a model of the ice planet Hoth from Empire Strikes Back. I had this toy, and I remember having it, but prior to seeing this ad, I was never sure if what I remembered was a Star Wars, Buck Rogers, or Battlestar Galactica toy. I’m not sure if that’s the result of the toy’s poor quality (I don’t remember it being that top shelf) or just the conflux of all those space-oriented shows. In any case, it was cool to see the ad and prove that I wasn’t having a phantom memory.