Retro Records: Star Trek – The Logistics Of Stampede (1975)

Welcome back, friends. To a new installment for Retro Records featuring 1975’s Star Trek: The Logistics of Stampede. Another one of those fantastic Power Records offerings – which of course allowed all manner of famous writers to tell abridged tales. Case in point with The Logistics of Stampede which so happens to have been penned by Alan Dean Foster.

Foster is pretty well known for writing numerous novelizations for films. Alien, Star Wars, Alien Nation, The Thing, Star Trek and many more. As well as his own standalone novels like Cat-a-lyst, Cyberway, and Slipt to name a few.

Power Records was of course a spinoff label so to speak of Peter Pan Records. One that was geared towards an older audience. Moreover this is why we saw Power Records book and records fare featuring Kojak, Planet of the Apes and Star Trek.

Which brings us to this offering for Retro Records. The Logistics of Stampede finds Kirk, Bones, and Spock beaming down to Ribol II. An agricultural planet that is in fact facing destruction of their precious crops by Dranzers. A cow-like beast that every six years becomes overpopulated and then stampedes across the plains. Destroying seventy to ninety percent of the grain crops!

Can our trio of heroes come up with a solution to halt the Dranzers? Can they protect the grain on Ribol II – which in addition helps to feed other planets in the Federation? Let’s find out as we listen to The Logistics of Stampede on Retro Records!

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Having listened to The Logistics of Stampede perhaps you now need more Star Trek goodness?

Well, in this case how about the great and late Leonard Nimoy’s cover of Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town? Which might be better known from Kenny Roger’s take back in 1969 – written by Mel Tillis of all people.

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Battle For the Planet of the Apes poster

This Battle For the Planet of the Apes poster is from a different universe!

If you study the film poster above, a number of things stand out as unusual. I’ll leave you to make your own notes, though I will say this – what’s with those glasses? This is a 1973 Italian poster for the final film in the ‘Apes series and, in Italy, it seems to be a very different movie!

Here’s how the poster looked elsewhere:

Battle For the Planet of the Apes

I’m not saying I don’t like the Italian artwork, but I would definitely be expecting ray-guns, had I visited the cinema based on that imagery.

Whilst I’m here, I might as well share this alternative Japanese poster which is far better in my opinion:

Battle For the Planet of the Apes

You can find lots more film posters over on my Pinterest board.

The Art of Barry Blankenship

Weekend Warrior

After discovering the Weekend Warrior artwork above, I went in search of more from artist Barry Blankenship and I didn’t come away disappointed. His use of colour is amazing and when he turns his eye to Planet of the Apes (below) and The Last Starfighter (bottom), the results are mesmerizing.


Check out Barry’s website and his store for more great pieces, including his ‘Jacked‘ series of famous vehicles!

Make-up of the Planet of the Apes

No, this isn’t the title of the next installment of the Apes franchise, but rather a cool home video of the late Roddy McDowall receiving his make-up for the 1968 original. Added to the visuals is a little of the film score which works surprisingly well in this context.

If you make it to 8:45 in the video, you’ll then be treated with more of McDowall’s home movies, giving yet more behind-the-scenes footage from the film.

Saturday Frights: Os Trapalhões O Trapalhão No Planalto dos Macacos (1976)


While it seems that everyone here at the good ol’ Retroist is in the hairy hand of some sort of sinister simian monkey machinations, your ol’ pal Daniel XIII shall not succumb to any primate peer pressure. Oh no my furious fiends, The Ouija Board Kid is going to break this curse and fly directly in the face of such trite trends. Let’s just take a look at the poster for what The Projectionist has set aside for me to show you ghouls today…


Son of a bi…