Go Your Own Way with the Pioneer Component Car Stereo

Pioneer Component Car Stereo

Browsing around this Tumblr account on my lunch break, I found this 80’s gem for the new Pioneer Component Car Stereo system. As well as hitting every style cue that the 80’s is famous for – pink and yellow clothing on a busty, big-haired, sunglasses-wearing woman for example – it also managed to really sell the product in an interesting way…

By Breaking Things Up.
Line By Line.
Into Component Parts.
Do you see what they did there!

There is one other interesting thing about this picture though. Take a close look at the lady and you’ll see she isn’t just wearing clothes. She seems to be wearing a plastic sheet too?! Does anyone know why?

I like how this TV commercial from 1985 kept with the idea of component stacking for the end of the scene.

She’s a Pioneer, He’s a Pioneer, We’re Pioneer, Catch the spirit of a true Pioneer!