MLB Fever “Catch it” Buttons

When I was a little kid, growing up in New Jersey, my mother gave me a Mets baseball cap. I wore that thing silly. One day when we were at the “Ground Round” family eatery a wise old man, impressed with what he perceived as hardcore Met fandom, gave me the Mets’ version of these MLB Fever buttons.

mlb fever button

I pinned it to my hat and proudly wore it throughout the meal. On the way home, I would not shut up about the pin and how good it looked on my hat. I was giddy on attention and Ground Round ice cream and while spinning the hat around on my hand it flew out the open window onto a major highway never to be seen again. Once I started watching baseball, which was not too long ago, I became a San Francisco Giants fan, but the Mets and this button will always haunt me.

MLB Fever “Catch it” Buttons [@] Hake’s