Pillsbury Space Food Sticks TV Commercial

Seeing Food Sticks in the movie Super 8, seems to have caused a but of a resurgence in interest in this classic food. Vinvectrex even started a discussion about them in the forum. When I saw them featured prominently on the screen, I could not help but smile and then I started craving the chocolate ones.

Funky Food Shops has relaunched the Space Food Sticks. I have heard mixed reviews on them, but I think I will need to check them out myself.

Halloween Cookie Commercial from Pillsbury

No Halloween season would be complete in my household without a freshly baked log of Pillsbury Cookies. Now while I prefer their chocolate chip cookies, when the spooky season rolls around, I will usually buy a tube with the scary prints on them and much on them while watching a scary movie. Now I usually need a reminder to buy them, but back in the day I could always count on a friendly reminder from Pop N’ Fresh (which is also my “break dancin'” name).