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1970s Pinball Culture in Photos

Flickr poster, bluwmongoose recently added a treasure trove of vintage 1970s photos scanned from the out of print book, Pinball! by Roger C. Sharpe and James Hamilton. Their are currently 23 photos in the set that capture the Pinball! culture at its height, right before the video game craze would swoop in and push many of these gems to the back wall of the local arcade. I am not sure if their are more photos in the book that have not yet been added, if so, I really need to pick up a copy (it ain’t cheap online). Stop by the set and check out some of these gems, here are two of my favorite to give a sense of what you will get after the click.

Playing Advanced Dungeons and Dragons in 1985

Today’s Photo of the Day veers away from from computers to concentrate on another of my favorite childhood hobbies, Roleplaying. The pic, taken by Jason Azze, shows Jason and his buddies sitting around a table playing one of the best games ever made, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. I am fascinated by images like this, since it captures moments from my childhood so perfectly. What is different from my experience as a kid, is that we did not have a cool fondue pot in the background and the DM screens where ALWAYS firmly in place when we played.