The Pac-Man Phone

In 1982, Pac-Mania was in fell effect and according to this blurb from Joystik magazine, we could expect many Pac-Man related consumer product in the comic year. Including the very awesome looking Pac-Man phone. Sadly I say “looking” because the phone was not of the highest quality. My friend managed to break his in less then a month and he never fully recovered from the trauma. Not 100% but I have read that this was the first phone sold by the Bell with an outpulse push button dial.

Look at all those other items. I definitely had the Pac-Man toothbrush, but not sure about the other items.

The AtariTel “Eagle” Full Duplex Speakerphone – The Atari Phone

Back in the heyday of Atari, they start working on consumer products that never made it to market. Which is of course a real shame because not only were the products technically interesting, but many like the AtariTel “Eagle” Full Duplex Speakerphone were beautifully designed. I would buy an Atari phone today if they decided to make one that looks like this.

Atari phone

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