Music Helplines: Nostalgic Music Is Just A Phone Call Away!

Current life situation got you down? Feel that you’re out of touch? Do you feel it callin’ in the air tonight? Longing for old days? Don’t think twice that it’s alright, Sweet Caroline! Pick up the phone and call one of five (yes, five!) music helplines to soothe that current life situation!

Where Does She Find This Stuff?

Why, the internet! You use it for your needs, I’ll use it for mine…and my nefarious, entertaining, and strange purposes.

You call it weird, I call it research!

Seriously Though, Music Helplines?

Yes, Music Helplines! And in 2011, it became a thing, beginning with these two guys makin’ all your dreams come true!

The concept is simple: dial a number, get a robot voice that prompts you to dial an option (1, 2, 3, or 4, or, in the case of the Hall and Oates line, 5, 6, 7, and 8), and listen to the song each prompt corresponds with. Because there’s a time where you don’t have a device with music on it (I never have this problem), and you absolutely NEED Phil Collins to remind you she’s an easy lover, Neil Diamond to sing about Sweet Caroline, Hall and Oates to give you some Adult Education, Bob Dylan To Be Your Baby Tonight, or Chicago to remind you of a certain Saturday in a certain park.

So naturally, there is only one course of action here, because writing it out doesn’t do it justice, right?

Allison’s Callin’ Oates (And Those Other Music Helplines!)

Well, I tried to call, and well…all the “helplines” except for Callin’ Oates are disconnected. I was so excited, I shot a video of the experience of dialing a phone number and getting a music fix. Instead, I got a bunch of Verizon Wireless error messages.  Totally not cool.

However, as I said, Callin’ Oates still works!

The playlist in the video is the original 2011 playlist. An updated version in 2012 gave Hall and Oates fans (did they have a grouping name?) eight new songs, as well as spin-offs for Phil Collins, Chicago, Bob Dylan, and Neil Diamond. As I said, these additions to the “music helpline” family of “emergency music contribution” no longer exist, but the original Callin’ Oates does.

Go on and click play for a short demonstration!

Upload via Allison Venezio / Allison’s Written Words

If internet searches as forces of evil include the need for Hall and Oates, then fine, I’m “evil.” :-)

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