Help Get Mr. Lobo’s Cinema Insomnia Back On KXTV-10

In 2001, nationally syndicated television series Cinema Insomnia ( ) premiered on the Sacramento channel KXTV Channel 10 only to be canceled later that year. To commemorate Cinema Insomnia’s 10th anniversary, a petition has been made insisting the channel bring back the show. So if you are in the Sacramento area or are just a fan, drop by and sign the petition and let your voice be heard.

[submitted] DrWho42

Bring back Robotix!


As I mentioned in an earlier post I am a huge fan of Robotix. I wish that I could get a decent quality copy of the Super Sunday Programming, but what can I do to make it happen? Well I got off my duff and went over and signed the Petition to Bring Back the Super Sunday. We may not ever see it on TV again in its original form, but maybe if enough people sign it we can get all of it back in some format.

Sign the Petition

PS. **Applause** to Ryan for trying to make something happen.