Syfy Presents: Neverland (2011)

Of course, a big thank you as always to our friends over at the Syfy channel for giving us the heads up on their popular programs as well as for sneak peeks like this one, a new mini-series entitled Neverland.

It is a retelling of the popular myth and characters started by J. M. Barrie back in 1902 in “The Little White Bird”, though only Peter made an appearance in that tale. It wasn’t until 1911 that the characters we all know and love besides Peter Pan, like Captain Hook, Wendy, and the Lost Boys were wider known outside the world of the theater as this was the year that Barrie adapted and expanded the play into the novel, “Peter and Wendy”.

Neverland will debut on the Syfy channel December 4th and 5th at 9/8c.

Disneyland’s Skull Rock

When I was a kid I got a book about Disneyland for my birthday and one of the images was of Skull Rock in Fantasyland at night. I am a sucker for underwater lighting so I was very much taken with it and I swore that one day I would eat at the restaurant behind Skull Rock. Sadly in 1983 when the new Disneyland opened Skull Rock was eliminated and I was still 15 years away from my first trip to California. So I will continue to stare at the pictures I have of the ride and will just have to make do with the dream of eating behind a pirate waterfall.

Perhaps you would like to join me.

disneyland skull rock