Better Baby Ruth and Better Butterfinger Commercial


I am a huge fan of the Butterfinger. I mean huge. Don’t believe me? Want to throw down? Check it:

“Butterfinger’s better, there’s a better Butterfinger. They made Butterfingers better so you simply cannot get a more peanutbuttery taste than Butterfingers”

I hope that’s right. Its been a while. I know its very close. Either way here is another commercial that has always stuck in my head.

Oh and continuing my search for all commercials featuring Peter Billingsley. Here is the infamous “Dracula” Butterfinger and Baby Ruth commercial. I think that is young Peter at the end of the commercial sneaking up on the amorous couple.

Candyland Commercial and Ad!

The board game train keeps rolling. Today I would like to show you some cool advert material for Candyland.

First is the classic low key commercial:

Update: The little boy = Peter Billingsley — Awesome!

And check out this old Ad:

A game where you don’t need to know how to read to play? Well how do you know how to play? Who reads the instruction? Or are those rendered in some sort of pictographs?

This game was very popular in my freshman dorm room in college. I guess I didn’t appreciate it on the ironic level everyone else did. Oh look we have higher educations and we are playing a game meant for pre-schoolers. They got huge crowds to play while couldn’t lock down a strong 5 to play Axis and Allies.

(thanks to Exy for emailing me that ad. Keep them coming.)