Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – Museum Scene With John Hughes Commentary

I’ve stated before that Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is one of my favorite films from my youth, it probably speaks the most to those of ‘my’ generation. This last weekend though something occurred to me that mirrored almost exactly what Cameron(Alan Ruck) experiences and how he reacts in this moving scene from one of John Hughes best. Thanks to the YouTube clip below you can listen to the legendary John Hughes explain some of his reasons for the artwork included in the scene as well as it’s connection to Cameron.

[Via] Monkey Boy Bud’s YouTube Channel

I’ll let you all know if I somehow end up wrecking my Father’s car in the next day or two. ;)

Legend of Wooley Swamp By The Charlie Daniels Band (1980)

Doug posted the fantastic Swamp Witch song by Jim Stafford last night and it got me to thinking about another great “This is why you never go into the swamp!” song by the Charlie Daniels Band from back in 1980!

The Legend of Wooley Swamp was the second single released from the Full Moon album and reached platinum. I’ll admit there aren’t exactly a lot of places you could truly classify as swamps in my neck of the woods…but there are places close enough for my liking and I was raised on many a story of supernatural happenings by my Grandfather and Grandmother in my youth.

A big thanks to pkbras68 for uploading this song on YouTube!

The End Of An Era

Friends, here is another video I created a few years back, unlike the one I posted yesterday this video was made on the very same evening that they shut down the Malco Razorback Theater for good. Almost every single movie that I hold dear I watched at this theater as I was growing up.

Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Tron, Predator, The Goonies, Back to the Future, The Black Hole, Gandhi, Fiddler on the Roof, Rambo, Lethal Weapon, Krull, Darby O’Gill and the Little People, The Fox and the Hound, Jurassic Park, and these are just 1% of the films I enjoyed every weekend sitting next to my Father as I was transported from my neck of the woods to where ever the filmmakers wanted to take me. I ended up working at the Razorback Theater for many years in my youth and I feel ever so lucky to have been able to do so.

I created this video and married it to Elton John’s dedication to the late John Lennon, Sir Elton John’s words were the closet thing I could use to describe the sadness of losing a building, that I had come to see as something more. I was called by an assistant manager on the last day, the home office in fact had decided to close the theater a few days earlier than originally intended. I was also allowed to ransack just a little of the old theater and thanks to my Father, in my living room at this moment, there is a theater seat that I use when watching my movies at home. My wife and I took as many photos of the place as we could, and the assistant manager even let me lock the auditorium doors for the ‘last’ time.

I used some of the video and photos I had from my time working at the Razorback as for kind of before and after shots, but sadly this was before I owned the Pinnacle software that I do today, so…the ‘special effects’ on this are…limited. I hope you don’t mind me sharing this bit of personal history with you, friends, because you’ll see me without my famous hat and mask in these photos. There is a bright spot by the way, the Razorback Theater lives on in an impressive state of the art movie theater…but I still miss the old place anyway.

Trailer Tuesday: Ghostbusters (1984)

When I walked through the door at work today, a guest’s cell phone began to ring, and she had selected the classic Ghostbusters theme as her tone. Which I took as a sign to include this absolute classic comedy/horror film as today’s trailer.

I have no doubt all of you are just as huge of fans of Ghostbusters as I am, but just in case you missed the craze, make sure to take a moment and listen to the Retroist’s Ghostbuster Podcast.

Two things happened to me in the Summer that Ghostbusters hit the movie theaters in my neck of the woods.

1) I rounded up some of the neighborhood kids and went door to door, busting ghosts, for 25 cents. This would eventually be brought to a halt when the Chief of Police informed us that what we were engaged in was quite illegal. The asking of money I suppose…I don’t believe he meant how we were busting ghosts.

2) I realized I was destined to be a Parapsychologist. This dream was utterly crushed when I was allowed to go on a field trip overnight to a supposed haunted bridge, where to this day it is claimed that a wailing woman can be seen searching for her baby. Her husband apparently threw the child over the bridge to its death and she died in the attempt to reclaim the infant. Well, about 2 in the morning…we did hear something. Never figured out what it was because I refused to budge from the spot where I was sitting with my blanket around me. My Father was kind enough to offer the sage advice that Parapsychology wasn’t really going to work out for me in all probability.

By the way, for the biggest fear of my young life…learn about the Ghost Cow…from the Retroist Halloween Special II Podcast.