Pepsi Throwback Arcade Adds Missile Command

If you are already using the Facebook Pepsi Throwback Arcade, you already know that they added Missile Command for you classic gaming enjoyment. If you are not using the Arcade, this is a good opportunity to give it a spin. It is the perfect way to wile away the day when you should be working. So pop open a Throwback, play some classic games, challenge your friends and win some prizes. What is not to like (facebook pun intended). I’ll see you there.

Retro is all Over the Official Pepsi Shop

Over the last year, Pepsi has had a total renaissance in my home. This is mainly due to Pepsi giving me want I have wanted for many years, a soda that did not use High Fructose Corn Syrup. At home I drink almost nothing else in soda department (which is a huge change). Now, perhaps I pay too much attention to brands, but I noticed something a few months ago, I started to have very positive emotions associated with the retro Pepsi Logo. The one from when I was a kid, this one…

So much so that I have actually been looking at items with the logo on it to have in my home. Naturally this brought me to a great source for online Pepsi gear, and as it turns out great retro branded Pepsi gear, The Official Pepsi Shop. I have no idea how my brain works, but for some reason I tend to check out official stores late in the game, assuming they will have less selection or will be pushing the latest trends. Well selection is not limited at the Pepsi Shop and the latest trend is all about the Retro Pepsi branding.

They have the familiar old school logo on all the basics like shirts, belt buckles, sweatshirts and even pint glasses (those are mine!). What I especially love is that even though these are obviously aimed at the Throwback audience, the word “Throwback” does not appear anywhere on the merchandise. Smart!

They also have all the standard and more modern Pepsi branded stuff at the store. If you prefer even older Pepsi branding, they have that covered as well, as well as shirts with assorted Pepsi slogans from over the years.

So if Pepsi is becoming the new or continues to be your drink of choice, drop by the Official Pepsi Store and deck yourself out in the “latest” trend in Pepsi gear…Oh and stay tuned to the site, we are going to be hosting a retro Pepsi giveaway contest later in the day.

Play Pepsi Throwback’s Atari Arcade on Facebook

Like playing Atari games? Already on Facebook? Like getting nothing done with your day? Well I have good news for you! Pepsi Throwback and Atari are teaming up to launch the Pepsi Throwback Atari Arcade on Pepsi Throwback’s Facebook page. From June 17th through the end of the year, fans will be able to play a different classic Atari game each month and each week’s highest scorer will win an Atari Flashback 2+ gaming console. On top of this, fans can enter to win an iCade and iPad loaded with Atari’s Greatest Hits just for stopping by the Arcade. To kick off the gaming fun, they are launching with arcade favorite Asteroids.

Visit the Pepsi Throwback Atari Arcade

It’s Official Pepsi Throwback is Back for Good

We all kind of “knew” it was officially back and that it would probably be back for good, but now there is no doubt about it. According to press releases and their Facebook Fan Page, Pepsi Throwback is now an official and fully distributed soft drink that will be available all year round.

I had my doubt about how long Throwback would last, but this is great news. Especially since this is pretty much all I drink now at home when I want a soft drink. That in itself, as a life long Coke drinker, has come as quite a shock even to me. I applaud Pepsi for giving the consumer a quality non-HFCS cola alternative and encourage everyone to pick some up this weekend to celebrate.

Update 3/16 – I emailed Pepsi people and asked them about the Dew and its availability in Canada. They said yes to the Dew and they said that Throwback IS NOT officially available in Canada on a permanent basis.

Currently, Throwback is only available permanently in the US.